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Trucks, Automobiles & Pumps

Trucks & Automobiles

  • V8 That Lost the Battle

    Northern Arizona, 2019 - Someone apparently found it necessary to attach 2 ammunition boxes to this old V8 (not sure on the make or model). Seems this rig has seem some things!

  • Rusted Out Dodge Truck

    Central Arizona, 2019 - This fall I explored central Arizona and southern Utah. During the trek, I found this old Dodge truck that felt like it was right out of the Grape of Wrath.

  • Beef State Pontiac

    Southern Utah, 2019 - This old Pontiac has a wonderfully rusted out license plate from "The Beef State". From what I understand, Nebraska claimed it as the state of beef back in the 50s and 60s. So that would indicate the last time this old beauty was on the road.

Gas Pumps

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