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Popular Photos

  • V8 That Lost the Battle

    Northern Arizona, 2019 - Someone apparently found it necessary to attach 2 ammunition boxes to this old V8 (not sure on the make or model). Seems this rig has seem some things!

  • Alone

    Northern Arizona, 2019 - A single pebble is separated from its peers by textured sandstone.

  • Clotheslines in Fog

    Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire, 2019 - Symmetrical clotheslines against a fogged in Atlantic hold two colorful towels. I chose to distress this image further, giving it an old and yet new at the same time sort of feeling. The polyester towels certainly give away the era (not the 1700s!).

  • Incoming Rain Over Powell

    Southern Utah, 2019 - Much needed rain attempts to make landfall on the desert plains around Lake Powell.

  • Black Eyed Susans

    Hollis, New Hampshire, 2019 - I was driving around and noticed a patch of these Black Eyed Susans. I could tell that if I got the light right, in this case backlit, they'd prove to be really photographic. Using the great TPE iPhone app, I was able to figure out the best time to come back and shoot. Shooting on my Hasselblad X1D, I was able to shoot pretty wide, and then have the resolution to crop in and get this composition that fitted my liking.

  • Rusted Out Dodge Truck

    Central Arizona, 2019 - This fall I explored central Arizona and southern Utah. During the trek, I found this old Dodge truck that felt like it was right out of the Grape of Wrath.

  • Windmill In Sepia

    Central Arizona, 2019 - While shooting some really sweet trucks, I looked up to notice this old beat up windmill. I have no idea what happens when it spins, with some of it's blades all messed up. What the heck caused that? I opted to treat this image with sepia and steel blue darks- the result is dreamy yesteryear type of result.

  • Beef State Pontiac

    Southern Utah, 2019 - This old Pontiac has a wonderfully rusted out license plate from "The Beef State". From what I understand, Nebraska claimed it as the state of beef back in the 50s and 60s. So that would indicate the last time this old beauty was on the road.

  • Galvanized And Ladder

    Eastern Maryland, 2019 - I found this detail while walking around an old brewery. I was drawn to the colors, along with the three primary materials- wood, steel and galvanized metal. I'm a sucker for strong elements on the left side of the frame (Rob S will roll his eyes here). So I really like the natural material over on the left, which I feel anchors the rest of the materials the right.

  • Burnt Out Mojave Span

    A burnt out roof to a gasoline station in Rice, California. Southern CA, 2006.

  • Hanging Shoes

    Hanging shoes in the Mojave Desert. California 2006.

  • Almost Timeless

    Tapas Bar Butchery in Seville, Spain, 2018 Hasselblad X1D, 51mp, 45mm ISO 3200 : 1/125 at f4.5

  • Layered Window

    Segovia, Spain, 2018 On my way from Madrid to Bilbao, Spain, I stopped in Segovia- about 1.5 hours north of Madrid. There, I found a number of wonderful old structural abstracts. This window shows decades of re-working and repairs around it- providing wonderful layers and colors. The details are amazing- this print wants to be big!

  • Stripped Down Truck

    Northern New Mexico, 2010 A stripped down truck rests in a dry, abandoned, lot in Northern New Mexico. Shot in 2010.

  • Point Reyes Prairie

    Point Reyes, California, 2015. Diagonals of yellow wildflower are held back by miles of fencing.

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