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About The Photographer

Michael Parnham has been photographing the United States for over 30 years.

He currently lives in New Hampshire, but makes sure to get out west at least once a year to shoot.

Michael currently shoots with a Hasselblad X1D, along with a Nikon D800 that has been converted to record only the infrared spectrum. Heralding from the days of film, paper and dark room processing, he still religiously prints his own work using state of the art Epson printers.   

He is a native of New Hampshire, and has a BFA in Photography from the University Of New Hampshire.

In the 90's, Michael had an active design and photography presence in Portsmouth, NH.

He shot for such publications as:

- The Portsmouth Herald

- New Hampshire Premier Magazine

- The New Hampshire

- Main Street Magazine

He also, in the 90's,  shot for and designed albums and promotional material for:

- Thanks To Gravity

- Fly Spinach Fly

- Pondering Judd

Make sure to check out his photography blog where he often discusses many of the photos you see on this site at Western Spaces Photography Blog

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