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The End Of Nowhere – Closer than you may think
Posted August 19, 2018

Bristlecone Pine
Eastern California, 2007
Posted April 5, 2018

Abandoned Airstreams
Southern Colorado, 2014
Posted January 12, 2018

Ruby Beach Flow
Southern Washington Coast, 2011
Posted January 2, 2018

Jacked Up Ford
Nebraska, 2010
Posted December 31, 2017

Western Spaces Photography

Michael Parnham has been photographing United States landscapes for over 30 years.

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Recently Added as of May 2019

  • Hanging Shoes

    Hanging shoes in the Mojave Desert. California 2006.

  • Almost Timeless - A Still Life in Seville, Spain

    Tapas Bar Butchery in Seville, Spain, 2018 Hasselblad X1D, 51mp, 45mm ISO 3200 : 1/125 at f4.5

  • Layered Window, Segovia, Spain, 2018

    On my way from Madrid to Bilbao, Spain, I stopped in Segovia- about 1.5 hours north of Madrid. There, I found a number of wonderful old structural abstracts. This window shows decades of re-working and repairs around it- providing wonderful layers and colors. The details are amazing- this print wants to be big!

  • Presence

    Northern New Mexico, 2010

  • Shell

    Northern New Mexico, 2010

  • Sonoma Windbreaks, Valley Ford, CA

  • Sonoma Windbreaks, Valley Ford, CA

  • Sonoma Windbreaks, Valley Ford, CA

  • Sonoma Windbreaks, Valley Ford, CA

  • Windswept Pines at Point Reyes Station, CA

  • Twisted Tree, southern CA

  • Bristlecone Sunset, Eastern CA

  • Dead Bristlecone Pine, Eastern CA

  • Pampas Grass, Pacific Coast, CA

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